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Exterior Design & Styling - Motor Yacht Above 500GT winner

Exterior Styling: CG Design
Builder: Feadship, De Vries

The nine finalists in the exterior design styling category for yachts over 500GT ranged from 55 meters in length to nearly double that, which gave considerable real estate for exterior stylists to exploit. 

This is the first exterior design for CG Design, a Paris-based architectural firm, although principal Cristina Gherardi designed the interior of the owner’s previous semi-custom yacht. This relationship and a thorough grounding in contemporary architecture established a design envelope for Savannah that deviated little from the first sketches brought to Feadship and De Voogt Naval Architects. 

The key design exercise is to allow guests to maintain a functional relationship with the sea. In fact, there is an unbroken cascade of main deck living areas from the dining room, through the open salon, across the pool deck and down to the sea. In other places, huge expanses of glass link the interior with the world beyond, from her partially submerged “Nemo” room at the stern to the bow’s hidden observation room. 

The slim, smooth silhouette and plumb bow convey a sense of speed while the metallic silver-green exterior finish extending even to the exterior deck overheads magically reflects the changing colours of sea and sky.

This award is sponsored by Blohm+Voss.